Question of the Day

Choose the best revision for the following sentence by typing A, B, C, or D in the comment section:

[8] A Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance in 1990 seals the deal for Smith as a serious musical artist. [9] Five years later, a second Grammy Award for “Hey Lover,” a romantic slow jam from the album Mr. Smith, exposed a softer side to Smith’s personality. [10] Unfortunately, it demonstrated his dedication to the musical side of his career. [11] This does little to increase Smith’s interest in acting. 12] Appearing in 1997; with the highly popular, Halle Berry, in the comedy B.A.P.S, proved his acting career was equally legitimate as that of musical artist.

A. no change
B. This does little to dissuade Smith’s interest in acting.
C. This does little to enhance Smith’s interest in acting.
D. This does little to intensify Smith’s interest in acting.