This College & Career Readiness website and services assists students and parents in their preparation for post-secondary plans and the stress that comes with the overwhelming amount of information to consider. Whether students are planning to choose college or a career, this website and services are available to assist students to chart their course through, middle school,  high school, and beyond.

Students are faced with five critical issues that must be addressed to increase the opportunities through college and career readiness:

  • Coursework
    • consideration of Pre-AP in middle and high school; Dual Credit versus Advanced Placement
  • Standardized Assessments
    • Test Prep and more rigorous coursework will improve results on assessments
  • College Planning
    • research of college and universities vital in the decision-making process
  • Career Search
    • important to understand interests and how they affect future career goals
  • Portfolio Development
    • resume should include activities, leadership, and community service

This College & Career Readiness website and services can assist students and parents through this process. We offer weekly and monthly information to one-on-one conversation with students and their parents that help answer many questions and concerns.

College & Career Readiness