Middle School

Right now, for middle school students and parents, college probably seems a million miles away. But in reality, middle school is the best time to start making plans for what happens after high school. If students begin thinking earlier about what they’re interested in doing after high school, the easier the choices will be later on.

College Readiness is learning the knowledge and skills a student must obtain to enroll and succeed in first-year courses at a post-secondary institution, such as a two- or four-year college, trade school, or technical school. Today, college readiness also means career readiness. While not every high school graduate plans to attend college, the majority of the fastest-growing jobs that require a high school diploma and provide opportunities for career advancement require knowledge and skills comparable to those expected of the first-year college student. Improving the college and career readiness of all our students will provide a better foundation of knowledge and skills to allow future workers to adapt to the changing requirements of a more technologically sophisticated and internationally competitive working world.

These College & Career Readiness website and services will assist students and parents through this process by offering information and possibly one-on-one communications with students and parents that help answer questions and concerns. We can focus on getting students on target for college and career readiness by the end of eighth grade in order for them to be successful in their academic performance and prepared to maximize the benefits of high school.

College & Career Readiness